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Windsurfing is a very popular and appreciated sport in Finland. As the Finnish windsurfing community grows each season, the Finnish Boardsailing Association was founded to represent its interests and further promote this sport in the country.

The Finnish Boardsailing Association is responsible for organizing and supervising national and international events and for ranking the competitors. It is also the main regulatory body for windsurfing in Finland and takes care of all windsurfing matters in the country. The association organizes competitions at the following classes:
- Team 15
- Raceboard
- Techno 293 One Design
- Formula

The major task for 2011 is the organization of the Raceboard European Championship. On the Finnish Boardsailing Association website competitors and Raceboard Class fans can find the events schedule, rules and regulations, competitors list, results and reports and documentation related to the Championships.

The Finnish Boardsailing Association also assists and supports the national team and certified pro riders at world class events. It also promotes the safe practice of windsurfing and constantly works to improve the windsurfing environment as well as the future of this sport in Finland.