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The International Mistral Class Organization is one of the oldest and most prestigious windsurfing organizations today. It was founded in 1978 and it is dedicated to promote one design windsurfing racing worldwide. The IMCO establishes the class and championship rules. One design racing requires the use of MOD (Mistral One Design) competition boards approved by the ISAF.

The IMCO has a set of guiding principles:
- To make sure that competitors use equal equipment
- To reduce the costs for competition
- To encourage riders use different tactics and skills for a higher board speed

The IMCO organizes and sanctions all MOD competitions under the direct supervision of the ISAF. The IMCO official website provides a full list of rules and regulations, the events schedule, rankings, information on the organization and on one design racing and more.

The IMCO mission statement is: “to establish a fair and economical longboard racing worldwide.”