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The Irish Sailing Association is the national regulatory body for all competitive and recreational sailing activities in Ireland. Sailing activities include refer to both engine and sail powered crafts and covers the following disciplines: Powerboating, Windsurfing, Ski jet, Emergency Care, Sea Survival, Instructor Training, Dinghy sailing, Keelboat Sailing, Catamaran Sailing, Sail Cruising , Motor Cruising and Inland Waterways. It is a member of the Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM) and has the mission to monitor sailing and boating activities as well as to develop them in Ireland.

The ISA is the main resource and instructional center for instructors and schools. The ISA certified instructors and schools offer professional training services for all the above mentioned disciplines. The Irish Sailing Association also provides training courses for young people who wish to learn sailing sports and assures professional training for pro athletes who compete in world class events like the Olympics. It also has special programs dedicated to people with disabilities who want to perform recreational or competitive sailing activities.

The ISA is affiliated with national and local sailing clubs and organizations and together they promote sailing sports all over Ireland. The ISA registered users have access to the online ISA shop as well as to other dedicated services.