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The Irish Windsurfing Association is in charge of the windsurfing sport in Ireland. It is responsible for setting the rules and regulations regarding recreational and competitive sailing, organizing and supervising events and competitions, promoting this sport and representing the interest of its members in Ireland. The association is managed by an executive committee.

Another important task of the IWA is to promote the safe practice of windsurfing and to make sure that all windsurfers have access to a fun and safe playground. In order to best promote windsurfing in Ireland, the IWA is affiliated with the Irish Sailing Association.

The IWA annually organizes events and competitions covering racing, freestyle, wave, junior racing, recreational sailing and coaching. Since the IWA is a non-profit organization it depends on volunteers to share their experience and help coach new sailors or donate funds. All the money from donations and membership fees are used to acquire new equipment, promote windsurfing or organize events. Membership includes Third Party Liability Insurance and grants access to events, membership in the ISA, free IWA sail and car sticker, access to information and important news.