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The Weymouth Windsurfing Association was founded with a clear purpose: to promote windsurfing and assist the windsurfing community in the Weymouth and Portland Area. The association not only that supports the windsurfers’ interests in the area, but also acts as a bridge between them and the local authorities or other windsurfing organizations.

It is a voluntary based, non-profit organization, founded by windsurfers for windsurfers, who intend to shape the future of this sport in the area. The money collected from membership fees and donations helps support the association’s activities and promote windsurfing to all people. Members benefit from access to events and competitions, access to windsurfing sites and more.

The Weymouth Windsurfing Association is dedicated to help the local windsurfing community grow and promotes windsurfing through special events and competitions. It also encourages the growth of this sport in the area due to the added value for the local economy. The organization is also in charge of maintaining water and beach access and of establishing new windsurfing sites.

The official Weymouth Windsurfing Association website provides information about the organization, about the local rules and regulations, weather forecasts, events and news and also a photo and a video gallery.