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Exocet X.O Skull 2012

Exocet X.O Skull 2012

Sizes: < 3.9  4.0 - 4.9  5.0 - 5.9
Sail type: Wave
Brand: Exocet

Exocet is one of the most prestigious brands in windsurfing industry. Every single piece of equipment designed by Exocet is guaranteed to offer top performance and quality. The new XO Skull sail is intended to excel in wave side shore conditions and it suits all riders looking for a great session. The Skull is crafted using X-Ply fabrics, complemented by mast foot thermo formed protector, PVC head protector, PVC batten end and rush guard protector.

This structure makes it very durable, but not heavy at all. The sail feels very light and agile from the first moment it is rigged. A solid, five battens structure keeps it stable and rigid in all wind conditions. The no camber design makes the construction lighter. When fully charged, the Skull becomes quite powerful, but it feels steady and responds accurately to rider input. The power delivery is well balanced and not aggressive.

Depending on size, the Skull comes with adjustable or fixed heads. It generates a constant and consistent power and it is easy to handle. It is suitable for hardcore waveriding or for recreational cruises and can handle most wind and wave conditions with ease. The Exocet Skull works with and for the rider, to offer a comfortable and fun windsurfing session.