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F2 Silberpfeil 2011

F2 Silberpfeil 2011

Sail type: Race, Slalom
Brand: F2

F2 is one of the most prestigious brands in windsurfing industry. Every piece of equipment developed by F2 is manufactured according to the highest quality standards and guaranteed to offer top performance. And top performance is just what pro slalom and racing enthusiasts need. Especially for them the F2 team has crafted the Silberpfeil. Translated from German into English Silberpfeil means Silver Arrow and this name is perfect for this sail. The Silberpfeil is one of the fastest and most reliable speed sails available today.

It has an aerodynamic profile which allows the rider to power it up very easy and experience incredible speeds. The sail accelerates quickly and reaches top speed in no time. The Silberpfeil has a solid pressure point at top speed and is easy to handle. The six battens keep the foil well balanced and assure top stability, while the shorter boom significantly improves handling. The Bigwheels trim block system assures low trim power to improve overall performance.

F2 has constructed the Silberpfeil using high quality monofilm, X-Ply and polyester. This structure makes the sail light and durable. Sailing with the F2 Silberpfeil is like piloting a jet plane. The sail feels light and responds accurately to any rider input. Even at top speed it keeps the rider in control and has a comfortable glide. If you enjoy top speeds this is the perfect sail for you. It can offer a fast cruise or win you any slalom or race competition you want.