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F2 Silberpfeil 2012

F2 Silberpfeil 2012

Sail type: Race, Slalom
Brand: F2

The F2 sails are well known for the high performance and quality they offer. The F2 team is dedicated to improve the riding experience of all windsurfers, so each season it tries to improve the existent sail models and introduce new ones to satisfy the more and more demanding requirements of modern windsurfing. The 2012 Silberpfeil is one of the most reliable and efficient speed sails today. Silberpfeil translates as Silver Arrow (from German) and this term truly defines the way this sailing machine behaves out on the waves.

The Silberpfeil has an incredible acceleration and reaches an impressive top speed. It is easy to power up and offers a constant and consistent power delivery. It is also very solid around the pressure point as it reaches extreme speeds. Although it is very fast, the sail is easy to handle and allows the rider to perform any maneuver without hassle. The six battens configuration keeps the sail stable at high speeds and balances the power delivery. A short boom combined with a lightweight cut and two cams significantly improve overall control and assure a smooth glide.

F2 has constructed the Silberpfeil using a polyester mast sleeve, a thick monofilm window and X-Ply panels. This construction assures a lightweight, yet very solid structure. When it comes to race and slalom, the F2 Silberpfeil offers unmatched performance.

• Two Mini Roller Cams
• Short Boom Concept
• Minimum Mast Concept
• Low Trim Power
• Trim Block Bigwheels
• Strap on System