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Gaastra Phantom 2012

Gaastra Phantom 2012

Sail type: Race
Brand: Gaastra

Gaastra is one of the most appreciated brands in windsurfing industry. Each season it comes up with better gear and it aims to improve the riding experience of all windsurfers out there. If you love speed sailing and racing competitions you need a fast and powerful sail, you need the new Gaastra Phantom. The Phantom replaces the successful GTX and it offers better performance.

The sail is engineered using an innovative seven batten structure, featuring four tube battens and a crossbatten. This structure improves stability and makes the sail really fast. Gaastra has used the Inset Clew System to provide optimal leech twist and make the sail responsive and agile. The radial panel layout improves twist control and assures increased durability. The sail uses race cambers above the boom and a smaller roller cam below to assure optimal rotation and extra stability. The K105 Aramid mast sleeve features a new Shock Absorbing System to assure a smooth glide and extra comfort. The great thing about the Phantom is that it automatically adjusts to wind conditions. This way it can offer a good drive without extra input from the rider.

A Dynamic Twist Pattern provides quick acceleration and a smooth power delivery, while the tension strap drop tack assures excellent racing performance. The Phantoms come with fixed heads and perform great when used with Gaastra 100 or 75 SDM masts. The Phantom is easy to rig, easy to control and very fast. It offers out of the box performance for all racing and speed fans.