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Gaastra Pilot 2012

Gaastra Pilot 2012


Gaastra is always looking for ways to improve the riding experience of all windsurfers out there. For the 2012 season it has come up with some fantastic sail models intended to take all windusrfign styles to new levels. Not everyone is a pro and extreme rider, and the Gaastra team knows that. It knows that there are beginner and novice riders who love to have fun out on the waves, and especially for them it has crafted the Pilot.

The Pilot is a very user friendly sail, but it has the power to offer a fast glide and handle more advanced maneuvers. It is a perfect choice for entry level riders looking for a relaxing cruise or trying to progress. Gaastra has engineered the Pilot using a special radial panel layout which assures a smooth power delivery by distributing the load proportionally onto the sail body. This structure also improves twist control and makes the Pilot very easy to handle. The Dacron luff panel provides effortless rotations and induces a neutral behavior out on the waves.

The sail is also very forgiving due to the use of a tolerant luff curve. The Pilot has a no cam design and uses four or five battens, depending on size. The batten skeleton keeps it very stable. Also, depending on size it uses a Vario or fixed head. The Gaastra Pilot can handle various wave conditions, it is easy to power up and runs very smooth. It can be used by men, women and children without problems.