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Gaastra Vapor 2012

Gaastra Vapor 2012

Sail type: Race
Brand: Gaastra

The Vapor is Gaastra’s premier racing sail. Over the years the Vapor was used by a huge number of pro riders and won them the first position on the podium of major competitions. The 2012 Vapor borrows a few successful features from the previous models, but it is further improved and tuned to offer better performance. The 2012 Vapor is one of the fastest and most agile sails in the world.

The sail features a lower, further set shape which assures a fast and smooth glide. A higher aspect ratio has been used to improve the lightwind performance and assure effortless handling. Gaastra has implemented the new Inset Clew System to assure optimal leech twist and make the sail more responsive. At the same time a Shock Absorbing System has been used to maximize the comfort of the ride. The Gaastra Vapor is constructed using special fabrics which maintain the sail’s profile at high speeds and allow it to self adjust to various wind conditions.

The sail is crafted using a radial panel layout which spreads the forces proportionally onto the body and assures better durability and twist control. At the same time a Dynamic Twist Pattern provides quick acceleration and extra power delivery. The Vapor accelerates instantly and it is able to reach insane speeds. It is a sail especially designed for pro riders who compete in prestigious PWA events.  The Gaastra Vapor is available in 5.2 up to 12.0 square meters sizes and works best with Gaastra 100 SDM masts. All sizes use fixed heads.

Gaastra Vapor 2012 Average Rating: 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.
Gaastra Vapor 2012 Reviewed on Dec 15th 2011
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

It feels a bit lighter that the 2011 model. This makes it more dynamic. It is pretty easy to use for a slalom sail, but still very powerful. It's great for racing.