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Goya Freesurf Eco 2011

Goya Freesurf Eco 2011

Sail type: Beginner, Freeride
Brand: Goya

Windsurfing is a spectacular extreme sport, but also great way to get some exercise and unwind. There are pro riders who live for the ultimate thrill and beginner and casual rides who would love to learn the secrets of this sport or enjoy a relaxing cruise. The Freesurf Eco is the perfect sail for the second category. It is a very forgiving sail especially designed for entry-level riders. It is light, it has a balanced power delivery, it reaches a decent speed and it is very easy to control.

The Freesurf is perfect for learning windsurfing basics or progress. It can also be used by kids. The Freesurf is crafted using Goya’s Eco construction technology, based on an X-Ply and monofilm structure plus X-Ply perimeter reinforcements. This construction is not only eco friendly, but it also reduces weight and makes the sail very durable. The sail uses a five battens skeleton and adjustable or fixed head depending on size. The battens configuration keeps it very steady and easy to maneuver in a wide range of wind and wave conditions. A reduced head leech outline reduces drag and improves turning performance.

The sail is perfect for windsurfing schools, resorts or training camps as well as for novice riders looking to enter into the world of performance wave windsurfing. The Goya Freesurf Eco is available in 3.7 up to 6.8 square meters sizes and two bright color schemes which make it easy to spot on water. It works best when used with the Goya RDM Direct Drive Mast.

• Radial Tack Fairing
• Stretch Control System
• Improved Comfort
• Poly Clew Outhaul System

Goya Freesurf Eco 2011 Average Rating: 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.
Goya Freesurf Eco 2011 Reviewed on Dec 15th 2011
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

This is a perfect sail for novices. It works great even if ti is not perfectly tuned. On water if is light and very forgiving. Power is smooth and you can reach a decent speed. I like it.