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Goya Freesurf Eco 2012

Goya Freesurf Eco 2012

Sail type: Beginner, Freeride
Brand: Goya

Goya is one of the most popular windsurfing brands today. Their team of highly skilled professionals works hard to improve the riding experience of all windsurfers out there by crafting high performance and quality gear and does a very good job. The 2012 Freesurf Eco sail is part of the crossover series and it is the kind of sail which blends power with control in a user friendly way.

The sail is engineered using Goya’s Eco construction technology, based on an X-Ply and Monofilm panel structure plus X-Ply perimeter reinforcements. This structure is not only eco friendly, but it also lowers the overall weight and assures extra durability. The Freesurf features a reduced head which makes the sail more responsive in turns or at high speeds. Goya has built the Freesurf Eco using a five battens skeleton which makes it very stable and easy to handle at all times. The sail is easy to power up and can handle a wide range of wind and wave conditions. It is fast, accurate and fun to ride. It can be used by advanced riders who love extreme tricks as well as by beginner wave riders who want to enjoy a relaxing cruise or progress.

The 2012 Freesurf Eco crossover sail is available in 3.7 up to 6.8 square meters sizes and two color styles. It comes with adjustable or fixed head, depending on size. Recommended mast is Goya RDM Direct Drive Mast.