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Goya Nexus Eco 2012

Goya Nexus Eco 2012


A new series of Goya sails is ready to start the 2012 windsurfing season in full throttle. Goya has crafted each sail with specific focus on details to make sure that it will offer unmatched performance once set on the water. The 2012 Nexus Eco is Goya’s premier freeride and freerace sail. It blends top control with incredible speed and suits pro or casual riders alike.

The Nexus Eco offers custom performance depending on size. The 4.3 up to 6.9 meters models are built with focus on maneuverability and feature a six battens skeleton, while the 7.5 up to 9.0 meters models offer more lift and control and feature a no cam design and seven battens skeleton. This batten structure keeps the sail steady and easy to handle in most wind and wave conditions.  A crisp handling feel and a forward drive make the sail excellent for bump and jump and flat water conditions. A reduced head design improves turning performance and minimizes drag to offer a smooth glide.

Goya has crafted the Nexus Eco using an X-Ply and Monofilm structure. This construction makes the sail light and durable and it is eco friendly. If you love extreme speeds and power drives, the Goya Nexus Eco is your kind of sail. It offers ultimate performance when it is used with the Goya RDM Direct Drive Mast which features the new Diagonal Flex Technology. This technology allows the mast to produce a lively twist and bend to amazing curves.