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KA Koncept 2009

KA Koncept 2009

Sail type: Slalom, Freeride
Brand: KA

The new 2009 sail line engineered by KA is built with performance and versatility in mind, so both beginner and experienced riders can enjoy a great windsurfing experience. The 2009 Koncept is also based on these two aspects and carries on the success of the previous version which made the delight of windsurfing world over the last years. A longer luff combined with a redesigned boom allows the Koncept to deliver a great amount of low end power and drive the sail at impressive speeds. The profile is ergonomic and slightly compact, feature that provides extra speed for extreme riders. The sail has easy tuning options and can be set to become a great speed or slalom racing machine. An innovative concept called Easy Pumping enhances the sail to deliver improved performance and be perfect for early planning or transition moves.

When the KA Koncept is fully powered it feels like pushing a turbo button and runs at insane top speeds. Even a heavier rider has no problem in surfing at high speeds. KA has used new seam enhancements and batten tensioners to make the Koncept easy to steer, precise and reliable. It uses a three cam system to increase overall usability and it is easy to rig and set up. A seven battens configuration combined with a fixed head allow ultra maneuverability even when the sail is overpowered or the wind gets stronger.

To cover a large wind range, the KA Koncept is available in 4.4 to 9.5 meter sizes. Smaller size models have been engineered to deploy just as much power as larger ones, and to be just as competitive.