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KA Koncept 2012

KA Koncept 2012

Sail type: Freeride, Race
Brand: KA

A new series of KA sails is ready to rock the 2012 windsurfing season. Each sail model is carefully crafted with focus on details and aims to offer the best performance in its class. If you are ready to break the speed limit and enjoy a thrilling ride you need a fast and powerful sail. The 2012 Koncept is one of the fastest speed and slalom sails today. It has a compact, aerodynamic shape allows it to cut through the wind and impressive speeds and makes it very agile. A low aspect outline balances the foil and assures a smooth power delivery and instant input response.

The new seam shaping helps reduce the drag and improves top speed. The Neoprene boom fairing also reduces drag. The KA Koncept has a moderate luff curve which assures optimal stability and easy handling. The overall stability is also improved by the use of the three cams, seven battens design. The new design of the bottom area provides extra power when needed and assures instant acceleration. A reduced head outline prevents drag and assures smooth, controllable twists.

The Koncept is a very fast, but also very accurate sail. The powerful acceleration and intense top speed it offers is complemented by unmatched control and stability. This is the perfect sailing machine for rides looking to break some speed records. The KA Koncept is available in 4.0 up to 9.5 square meters sizes and comes with a fixed head.

• Thermo Moulded Mast Pad
• Foot and Lower Seams PVC Protection
• Twin Clew Eyelets
• PVC and Aramid Tip Protection
• Aramid Luff Panel

KA Koncept 2012 Average Rating: 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.
KA Koncept 2012 Reviewed on Dec 16th 2011
Rating: 5.0 out of 5

The Koncept gets better and better each year. It feels light and comfortable. It has a constant power delivery. Even in light winds it runs very fast. It's good for any kind of racing.