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KA Kult 2011

KA Kult 2011


The new sails line introduced by KA in 2011 is really impressive. Each sail model has been carefully tuned to suit specific riding styles and conditions and it is intended to offer the best performance in its class. The new Kult is KA’s solution for bump and jump, flat water and small wave conditions. Crafting a versatile all terrain sail was not an easy task, but the KA team has done a great job.

The Kult has a smooth power delivery, it is easy to handle and offers a fun ride. A new luff curve, seam shaping and batten profile provide a forward shaping and smooth twist. The reduced boom length takes the pressure off the back hand and makes the sail easier to handle. The twin clew eyelets maximize the sail’s range and adjust the behavior depending on wind conditions. When it is fully powered up the sail is fast and dynamic and perfectly suits more aggressive riders. A five battens skeleton featuring two 11 mm rectangular battens improve draft stability and make the sail very steady in all wind and wave conditions. The

KA Kult is crafted using a full X-Ply structure plus additional Aramid reinforcements in high stress areas. This construction makes it light and robust. The moderate luff curve assures neutral handling and smooth rotations. The sail feels light and handles all surf conditions without problems. The Kult is a very agile sail and allows the rider to perform any maneuver he wishes without effort and without worrying about losing control. It is available in 4.7 up to 7.0 square meters sizes and comes with adjustable or fixed head depending on size.

KA Kult 2011 Average Rating: 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.
KA Kult 2011 Reviewed on Dec 16th 2011
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

The Kult is a powerful sail. The 2011 model has a new panel shaping and improved twist. better low end also. The sail is very reactive to pumping. Out on the water is feels light and balanced. Power feed is excellent. Runs great even in light winds....more