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KA Race 2009

KA Race 2009

Sizes: > 9.0
Sail type: Slalom, Race
Brand: KA

When it comes to extreme speed, pro riding and racing, the KA Race unleashes the ultimate performance. The new 2009 model replaces the 2008 Formula, the older racing model from KA. The Formula was also a high performance racing sail, but the 2009 uses new available technology and concepts that really make it a true champion at speed and power. The boom is positioned slightly higher, the luff is widened and the upper leech has a tighter tension, so the Race gains huge power boosting ability and delivers astonishing acceleration. Once you start riding the sail you will notice that speed increases gradually until it reaches the top limits and you are in total control. The Race turns fast, is flexible and light and has great maneuverability. A new seam technology is used, and combined with the batten tensioner system allows the KA Race to take advantage of the lightest wind blow to reach its maximum performance. Out on the waves the sail feels very responsive, and due to the easy and accurate steering capabilities, the rider can focus on his race, rather than worrying about losing control.

High quality X-ply materials are used by KA in the development of this sail, so it is extremely light, but solid and durable. The KA Race is very stable and easy to control, but it is not intended for beginner or novice riders. It deploys such power, acceleration and speed, that only an experienced or pro rider can feel comfortable and enjoy the race.

The KA Race uses an eight battens configuration and a fixed head system for added stability and handling features, since it is available only in large sizes: 9.0, 9.8, 10.7 and 11.6 meters. It can be customized in five color schemes.