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Loftsails Switchblade 2010

Loftsails Switchblade 2010


The Switchblade is Loft’s premier freerace sail. It is designed with special focus on usability and performance and it offers freeride maneuverability combined with race level speed and power. The Switchblade can be compared with sports car. It is very fast and accelerates quickly, yet it is easy to handle and very responsive. The sail features a deeper profile which generates plenty of low end power and assures exceptional early planning and upwind potential. The Switchblade can be used with wide boards and race boards and it is guaranteed to win every race when it is piloted by an experienced rider.

The longer boom length assures a constant and consistent power delivery and provides explosive speed when the sail is fully charged. Due to the fact that it is extremely fast and powerful, the Loftsails Switchblade is suitable not only for freerace, but for slalom racing also. The sail is able to generate plenty of power even in marginal wind conditions. The aerodynamic outline makes it fast in lightwinds and faster in high winds.  Loftsails has used a special Blade mast pocket construction which defines fully loaded mast pockets with equalized loading to provide effortless rotations. The Loftsails Switchblade can be used with RDM or SDM masts, depending on the rider’s choice. This is possible due to the use of an innovative Teckam system.

The RMD teckams can be easily switched with the SDM teckams when needed. The sail’s leading edge rotates very clean and easy and assures top control in all wind conditions. Excellent performance in a wide wind range as well as top maneuverability is also assured by the Sensitip head batten system. The sail is kept stable at high speed and in high winds by a solid battens skeleton. The Loftsails Switchblade is the perfect choice for experienced riders that love extreme speed and participate in racing competitions.