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MauiSails Rebel 2011

MauiSails Rebel 2011

Sizes: < 3.9  4.0 - 4.9
Sail type: Beginner, Freeride
Brand: MauiSails

Windsurfing is a spectacular and fun extreme sport. It is a great way to satisfy your need for adrenaline or just unwind. The MauiSails team promotes windsurfing to all people and encourages kids to learn this great sport. Kids have specific needs, and that is why MauiSails has come up with the new Rebel, a reliable user friendly sail especially designed for young riders.

The Rebel is not just a down sized regular sail. It is carefully optimized to suit the specific needs of a lighter, younger rider. The sail has a balanced power delivery and it feels light and calm in the hands of the rider. At the same time it has the power and speed it needs to keep up with children as they progress and begin to perform more advanced maneuvers. The optimal foil tension produces a progressive power delivery and improves stability. Additional stability is provided by the solid four battens skeleton. The sail has a no cam design and comes with a Vario head. Out on the waves the MauiSails Rebel is very predictable and keeps the rider in control at all times. It perfectly suits beginner and advanced young riders alike.

The balanced power delivery and neutral handling makes easy to operate in all conditions. The Rebel is crafted using top quality fabrics and built to last. It can handle severe punishment without suffering damage. Although it is a high quality sail it is affordable. It is one of the best windsurfing sails for kids available today. It can turn kids to champs fast and easy.