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Naish Ripper 2012

Naish Ripper 2012

Sizes: < 3.9  4.0 - 4.9
Sail type: Wave
Brand: Naish

There are riders who want to win world class windsurfing competitions and start training since an early age. Kids who practice windsurfing have different needs than adults. Naish has always encouraged children to start learning windsurfing and related extreme sports and helps them progress by crafting high quality gear.

The Ripper is a special wave sail intended for children who need to progress and reach top performance. The sail is not just a downsized version of a larger sail. It is especially optimized to react to the input of a younger, lighter rider. The sail features a compact shape and a low aspect ratio. This design assures balanced power delivery and a smooth and fast glide. The Ripper is also able to produce extra power for experienced kids who perform advanced tricks. The single Dacron luff panel keeps the power well balanced. At the same time it assures a solid and light feel out on the waves. The low clew and boom cutout assure easy rigging and improved handling. The four battens skeleton assures exceptional stability in a wide range of wind and wave conditions.

The Naish Ripper is fun to ride and keep the kids comfortable throughout the entire session. It is very light and responsive. The sail is built to last, using top quality fabrics. The entire structure of the sail is reinforced by a robust Radial Kevlar Airframe. If your child wants to become a future windsurfing champ than you must get him the new 2012 Naish Ripper.