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North Curve 2012

North Curve 2012


The new series of sails introduced by North for the 2012 season is intended to cover the needs of all riders out there. The high performance competition models suit pro and advanced rides who love power drives, while the user friendly and entry level models take care of the beginner rider. The Curve is part of the Crossover entry level series of sails and offers a fun and relaxing ride.

The sail suits beginner riders who want to relax out on the water, but also more experienced riders who wish to progress. The sail is built using an extremely light structure which provides a fluid drive and allows the rider to handle it with ease. The aerodynamic shaping generates a smooth power delivery and a smooth glide. The sail can be powered up and used in light winds and it feels reliable and stable if the wind picks up. The North Curve is also very easy to rig due to the VTS and HTS visual trim indicators. It can be used with virtually any RDM or SDM mast on the market. The sail uses a five battens skeleton which improves stability and keeps the draft solid at all times.

The North Curve has a balanced skin tension which generates optimal power and assures instant response to rider commands. It feels light and accurate out on the waves and can be used even to learn the basics of windsurfing. North Has engineered the Curve using the innovative iModular design which assures perfect control and improved durability. A special Ripstop Frame protects the sail against damage without affecting overall weight. The North Curve is available in 4.2 up to 6.4 square meters sizes and comes with Vario or fixed head depending on size.