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North Natural 2012

North Natural 2012


The 2012 windsurfing season brings a new series of North sails intended to offer uncompromised performance. The North team has worked hard to craft high quality sailing machines which can handle the needs of all riders out there. The 2012 Natural is part of the Crossover North series of sails and perfectly bridges the gap between flat water and wave sailing.

The Natural is quite powerful, yet user friendly and can be used by a wide range of riders who love both freeride and waveriding.  The sail features a cross batten structure and a cutaway clew system which improves speed acceleration and stability. These features allow the user to use the sail for casual cruises or advanced tricks without problems. The sail is easy to rig and operate and feels light and agile once it is launched on the water.  The VTS and HTS visual trim indicators allow the rider to rig the sail without effort.

The pre shaping in the boom and foot area provides plenty of power when needed. The Natural is engineered using a Progressive Batten Configuration based on a five or six battens skeleton depending on size. Larger sizes feature six battens for improved stability in high winds or at high speeds.  A new iModular design has been implemented by North to improve handling. The sail is very reactive and responds accurately to rider input. It is also very comfortable to maneuver and offers a fun ride. The North Natural offers the perfect combination of speed and control and can be used by advanced as well as by less experienced riders. It takes windsurfing to a new dimension of fun and performance.