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Severne Convert 2011

Severne Convert 2011


Severne team is always looking to keep up with the constant evolution which takes place in the world of windsurfing. It develops innovative technologies to craft top quality gear suitable for the most demanding riders, but also for entry level sailors who are on a budget. The Covert is a versatile and reliable freeride sail available for a very decent price.

The sail is engineered using a full X-Ply structure which offers a perfect strength to weight ratio. The sail packs plenty of power and it is quite fast, but also very user friendly and easy to handle. It suits advanced riders, as well as beginner ones who enjoy a relaxing cruise and learn to progress. The sail has a refined profile which generates a smooth power delivery and increased stability. Extra stability is added by the solid six battens skeleton. It has a compact shape, so it is easy to maneuver and has a very fast steering response.

A Dropped Clew allows the rider to use the Convert with shorter booms. Used with a shorter boom, the sail feels a bit crisper and has a direct feedback. At the same time, the Dual Clew Positions allows the rider to tune the rig depending on his needs. With the clew set in the upper position the sail offers more power for taller riders, and with the clew set in the lower position it improves control for shorter riders. The sail is very easy to rig due to the use of a new pulley hook system. The Severne Convert offers a smooth speed and it is fun to ride. It holds enough power to satisfy the demands of intermediate and advanced rides that are looking to progress. The sail is available in 4.8 up to 8.5 square meters sizes and uses an adjustable or fixed head depending on size.