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Severne Convert 2012

Severne Convert 2012


Severne promotes windsurfing to all people. It encourages pro riders to win world class competitions and entry lever riders to pick up the basics of this great sport and progress. Severne team also knows that different riders need different equipment. The new 2012 Convert is a sail especially crafted for recreational use. It is aimed toward beginner and casual riders who enjoy a fun windsurfing session.

The sail features an aerodynamic shape which generates balanced power and assures a smooth glide. The Convert is an entry-level sail, therefore it is priced lower than a high performance competition one. It is constructed using a full X-Ply structure which assures a lighter weight and increased durability. Additional reinforcements protect the sail against damage. The unique shaping geometry generates a nice speed, optimal power in turns and excellent control. The sail offers a forward, smooth pull and keeps the rider comfortable throughout the entire session. A robust six battens skeleton maintains the draft stable in all wind and wave conditions.

The sail uses an adjustable or fixed head depending on size. A dual clew positioning system allows the rider to tune the sail according to his needs. With the clew set in a higher position, the Convert is easier to maneuver by taller riders, and with the clew set in a lower position it provides more control for shorter riders. The Dropped Clew allows the rider to use the sail with a shorter boom for improved maneuverability. The Convert runs smooth, feel light and it is easy to rig and operate. It is perfect for a relaxing freeride and wave session. The sail is available in 4.8 up to 8.5 square meters sizes and two color schemes.