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Severne Mojo 2012

Severne Mojo 2012

Sail type: Freeride
Brand: Severne

The Severne sails have always been regarded as incredible sailing machines. They are crafted using the best technology and fabrics and offer uncompromised performance. A new series of Severne sails is ready to storm the windsurfing scene in 2012 and impress with the exceptional versatility it offers. If you are a dedicated freerider you need a fast and powerful sail to power your drives.

The new Mojo is one of the most versatile freeride sails and it is designed with the needs of the power rider in mind. Although it has a compact shape and is not available in huge sizes, the Mojo features a unique shaping geometry which turns raw wind into power and speed. The deeper draft profile combined with the increased tension in the leech generates plenty of power and blistering acceleration. The rider can power up the sail even in light winds and enjoy a fast drive. The sail is optimized for early planning and aerial maneuvers. It feels light and it is very agile. It also runs great upwind. The unique Stabilizer panel assures that the extra power is locked forward for an optimal drive.

The sail uses a Dropped Clew which allows the rider to use shorter booms with the sail for improved control. At the same time, the Dual Clew System allows the rider to tune the rig according to his specific needs. A solid six battens skeleton keeps the sail stable at all times. The sail is engineered using a top quality X-Ply structure which assures a perfect strength to weight ratio. An Aramid Torsion Frame adds extra strength. If you love intense freeride sessions, the Sevrne Mojo is the perfect sail for you.