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Severne NCX Pro 2012

Severne NCX Pro 2012

Sail type: Freeride, Race
Brand: Severne

The Severne sails are renowned for the exceptional quality and performance they offer. Each season, the Severne team comes up with upgraded sails to keep up with the constant evolution which takes place in Windsurfing. And if we talk about upgrades, we must talk about the new 2012 NCX Pro. The NCX Pro is an upgraded version of the NCX freerace sail. The major difference between the two is the construction technology.

The NCX is built using monofilm fabrics, while the NCX Pro is crafted using an eM3 upper body which assures a lighter weight and reduced swing weight.  A Kevlar perimeter is used to protect the sail against damage. Just like the NCX, the NCX Pro uses a no cam design which simplifies rigging and handling. A new Stabilizer pane is implemented to reduce vertical stretch and keep the foil well balanced under load. The Dual Clew Positions permits the rider to fine tune the rig according to his specific requirements, while the dropped clew allows the rider to use the NCX Pro with a shorter boom for maximum maneuverability. A robust seven battens structure keeps the sail very stable in high winds or at high speeds.

The Severne NCX Pro features a unique Reflex System which significantly improves usability range and makes the sail suitable even for racing competitions. The sail works as it is supercharged and delivers impressive speed and power. At the same time it feels light and well balanced and keeps the rider comfortably in control. If you are a speed addict and you love fast freeraces, the Severne NCX Pro is the perfect machine for you.