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Simmer Style 2XC 2009

Simmer Style 2XC 2009


Simmer Style is a renowned brand in the world of windsurfing. The high performance gear crafted by their team helps shape the future of this amazing sport and the careers of many riders. In 2009 a new series of racing sail is ready to revolutionize the world of windsurfing. The 2XC is a powerful and fast sailing machine, especially crafted for drag racing. It has a powerful profile which generates impressive low end power and provides excellent early planning performance. The fuller outline makes the sail very dynamic and allows it to reach an incredible speed in no time.

The 2XC is crafted using a new shaping technology which generates excellent power in most wind conditions and assures a smooth glide. The 2XC is fast in light winds and faster in high winds. The sail uses a two cam system which assures smooth rotations and improves overall maneuverability. It is also very easy to rig, derig and operate, even if it is a cambered sail. The full sail profile generates constant and consistent power. The 2XC is also able to accelerate quickly and has impressive upwind and planning potential.

Simmer Style has implemented Kevlar Stretch Control tendons to make sure that the sail has a controlled power delivery and a better wind range. The sail is kept steady at all times by a solid seven battens skeleton. Although it is a powerful and fast racing machine, the 2XC is very responsive and easy to control. It allows the rider to perform advanced technical maneuvers without effort. The sail is engineered using a lightweight structure which makes it very responsive and accurate. This is the kind of sail which can be used by pro as well as by casual racers.

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Simmer Style 2XC 2009 Reviewed on Dec 21st 2013
Rating: 1.0 out of 5

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