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Simmer Style 2XC 2010

Simmer Style 2XC 2010


The 2010 2XC is part of the Simmer Style racing sails series. Although it is a dedicated slalom and freerace sail, the 2XC is also user friendly and easy to operate. Actually, the Simmer Style 2XC offers racing performance combined with freeride maneuverability in a single package. The sail offers excellent low end power, it reaches an incredible speed and it is easy to control. It features a simple two mini cam system which creates a full draft profile and locked and low center of effort. This way the rider can power up the sail very easy and enjoy a very fast glide while he is in complete control and feels very comfortable. The refined boom area provides plenty low end power for early planning maneuvers.

The sail features a longer boom and a shorter mast and it is designed using a low aspect ratio. These features provide a constant and consistent power delivery which makes the sail perfect for more experienced riders that love higher speeds. A Dacron luff panel is used to optimize the power delivery and assure a smooth glide. A new luff curve makes the 2XC easy to use with less responsive masts. A seven battens skeleton keeps the sail very steady in all conditions.

The battens are horizontally shape and define a full cambered profile for improved performance. Simmer Style has also implemented Stretch Control Kevlar Tendons, to make sure that the sail covers a wider wind range and the rider can control the power delivery without effort. The Simmer Style 2XC has a simple and strong construction. It is crafted from lightweight fabrics which make it fast and responsive and reinforced by a robust Kevlar perimeter. The 2XC is perfect for slalom or drag racing, as well as for a fast freerace session.