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Simmer Style 3XC 2009

Simmer Style 3XC 2009

Sizes: 7.0 - 7.9  8.0 - 8.9  > 9.0
Sail type: Race
Brand: Simmer Style

A new series of Simmer Style racing sails is ready to rock the scene of windsurfing in 2009. The racing series of sail is engineered using a new technology and a design focused on speed, power and control. If you love extreme speeds and are a radical sailor which competes in world class events, you need the 3XC. This sail is one of the most powerful racing machines available today. The sail features a special aerodynamic profile which automatically turns raw wind into pure power and speed. It has a three cam design which improves rotation performance and overall handling.

The tree cams also provide a locked and lower center of effort to keep the rider comfortably in control at high speeds. Although it is a cambered sail, the 3XC is easy to rig, derig and operate. The full outline assures excellent power delivery and generates a fast and fluid drive. The special curve reduces the drag and assures a faster top speed. The Simmer Style 3XC accelerates quickly and has impressive planning and upwind performance. Simmer Style has implemented a Kevlar Stretch Control tendons system to make sure that the sail has a controlled power delivery and a better wind range. This way, the rider can boost extra power exactly when needed. The sail feels very steady and easy to control due to the use of a seven battens skeleton.

The Simmer Style 3XC has exceptional maneuverability, so it can be used at freerace without hassle. It is engineered using a lightweight structure which makes it very reactive and easy to handle. The lightweight structure also improves lightwind performance. The Simmer Style 3XC is available in 7.0 up to 9.5 square meters sizes and uses a fixed head.