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Simmer Style Addict 2009

Simmer Style Addict 2009


Dedicated freeriders need a reliable sail which can offer top speed and control. Many of them are looking for a sail which can be used with a minimum amount of gear to take with them on their trips. The Addict is a new generation type of sail which can handle these requirements. It is engineered using a special shaping and construction technology which allows the rider to use it with one mast, one boom and one extension for all sizes. Crafting such a versatile sail was not an easy task, but the Simmer Style team has done a great job.

The sail not only that it works fine with one mast, one boom and one extension regardless of its size, but it also offers exceptional performance. It offers excellent power and has impressive early planning and upwind abilities. At the same time it is easy to rig, derig and operate and very easy to control. The Simmer Style Addict is also very user friendly and can be used by less experienced riders without hassle. When fully charged it offers impressive sped, yet it is easy to handle and reacts quickly to any rider input. The Addict also feels very stable due to the use of a five battens skeleton. The foil is well tensioned and the sail has a smooth power delivery. Therefore it offers a very fluid drive and has a consistent and constant pull.

When piloted by experienced riders, the Addict can reach nice top speeds and feels very agile. The Simmer Style Addict is built using a light, yet durable structure and features robust reinforcements in critical areas. The lightweight structure makes it easy to handle and quite forgiving. It also allows the rider to use this sail in less than perfect wind conditions. The Addict is available in 4.8 up to 7.2 square meters sizes and it uses a fixed or adjustable top depending on size.