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Simmer Style Addict 2010

Simmer Style Addict 2010


The 2010 series of sails introduced by Simmer Style is intended to revolutionize the world of windsurfing. All sails are crafted according to the highest quality standards and intended to offer the best performance in their class. The Addict is a new generation type of sail, designed to work with the same mast, boom and extension, regardless of its size. This way the rider can enjoy an exciting windsurfing session with less gear and less hassle. The Simmer Style Addict is very user friendly and it is easy to rig, derig and operate. It can provide plenty of power and reach a high speed, but it is always easy to handle and control.

The maneuver oriented design makes it easy to operate in various conditions. It uses a longer boom and a shorter mast which define a low aspect ratio. The low aspect ratio allows it to generate optimal low end power and also improves the early planning and upwind potential. A Dacron Luff panel generates a smooth power delivery and assures a fluid glide. The new Clew Cutout creates a more compact profile which allows the rider to control the sail without effort at all times. A solid five battens skeleton keeps the Addict steady at all times.

The horizontal shaping generates a full cambered profile and improves overall performance. Simmer Style has implemented Kevlar Stretch Control tendons to make sure that the sail offers a controlled power delivery and has a better wind range. The Addict is built using a very light and durable structure. A low stretch Kevlar perimeter provides reinforcement against possible damage. The Simmer Style Addict is available in 4.8 up to 7.2 square meters sizes and it uses a fixed or adjustable top depending on size. It is the perfect sail for all riders that enjoy a fun and relaxing freeride cruise.