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Simmer Style Blacktip 2010

Simmer Style Blacktip 2010


The 2010 Blacktip is a new generation of X-Over sail, intended to suit dedicated new school riders. It is the kind of sail which can perform the most radical and spectacular tricks without hassle. The Blacktip is also built to last and can handle extreme surf conditions with ease. It is crafted from top quality Monofilm and X-Ply fabrics which generate a crisp and responsive structure. The Monofilm and X-Ply structure also makes the sail very light and assures a direct feel. A low stretch Kevlar perimeter protects the sail against damage. 

A Dacron Luff panel has been used to assure a smooth power delivery. The sail features a maneuver oriented profile which makes it very easy to control at all times. The high cut foot and the shorter boom assure top maneuverability during advanced moves. The Blacktip also generates impressive low end power and has impressive early planning abilities. The sail uses a longer mast and a shorter boom which define a high aspect ratio. The high aspect ratio produces more front end power in the upper body of the sail and assures exceptional handling in most wind and wave conditions.

The sail profile is maintained during high speed cruises and advanced tricks by Kevlar Stretch Control tendons. Optimal stability is provided by a solid five battens skeleton. The vertical and horizontal shaped battens maintain an optimal draft profile at all times. A perfect aerodynamic symmetry is created by the use of symmetric batten pockets. The Simmer Style Blacktip is powerful, agile and accurate. It is the perfect machine for new school enthusiasts.