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Simmer Style Crossover 2008

Simmer Style Crossover 2008


Wave riding is one of the most popular windsurfing disciplines. It gathers a huge number of fans and many of them are hardcore sailors that love extreme sensations. These kinds of riders need a powerful and reliable sail to power up their drives. Simmer Style has crafted the Crossover especially for them. It offers excellent mobility and maximum horse power. The Crossover can be used in onshore, flat water or bump and jump conditions without worries. It is always fast and accurate. It features a powerful draft profile which generates plenty of power and makes it incredible fast. At the same time, the sail feels very stable due to the use of a five battens skeleton.

Using the Simmer Style Crossover, the rider can perform hard carves and high jumps without effort. The sail is able to boost extra power exactly when needed and behaves very predictable. The sail has an optimal foil tension which makes it very reactive and sensitive to pumping. The Crossover is not only powerful and fast, but also easy to use. It is easy to rig, derig and operate and responds quickly to any rider input. It can be paired with multi fin or single fin boards and it is always dynamic. It has excellent early planning performance and it can also propel the board upwind at high speeds.

Simmer Style has engineered the Crossover using a monofilm body plus additional X-Ply panels. This structure makes the sail incredible light and reactive and assures top durability. An additional Kevlar perimeter provides protection against damage. If you are looking for a powerful sail to help you experience a thrilling wave session, the Simmer Style Crossover is perfect for you.