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Simmer Style Grom 2010

Simmer Style Grom 2010

Sizes: < 3.9  4.0 - 4.9
Sail type: Wave
Brand: Simmer Style

There are a lot of kids that have already picked up the secrets of windsurfing and are ready to switch to more powerful sail in order to experience a new thrill. The Grom is the perfect wave sail for them. It offers similar performance as a sail designed for adults, but it is especially optimized to suit the needs of a younger and lighter rider. Actually, the Grom offers similar performance as a sail for adults, packed in a scaled down package. It is engineered using a lightweight structure which makes it fast and responsive, but also user friendly.

Although it is intended for more advanced kids, the Grom can also be used by beginner ones that want to learn wave sailing without problems. The sail is very easy to rig and downhaul and very easy to handle on the waves. It has a refined boom area which provides nice low end power for early planning maneuvers. At the same time it can propel the rider upwind at a very nice speed. The lower aspect ratio combined with the longer boom and shorter mast assures a constant power delivery. A Dacron luff panel has been used to optimize the power delivery and offer a smooth glide.

The sail feels very steady during maneuvers and higher speed due to the use of a solid four battens skeleton. Special Kevlar Stretch Control Tendons are used to assure a controlled power delivery and improve the sail’s wind range. These tendons also maintain a stable draft profile and improve overall durability. The Simmer Style Grom is engineered using a monofilm and X-Ply structure which assures a balanced strength to weight ratio. The sail is perfect for all kids that love wave sailing. It offers a smooth glide and it is easy to handle at all times.