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Simmer Style Icon 2009

Simmer Style Icon 2009

Sail type: Wave
Brand: Simmer Style

Many wave sailors are looking for the mythical all round sail which can handle all wave conditions and riding styles. The reliable all round wave sail is no longer a myth. It has become a reality with the release of the Simmer Style Icon. The Icon is designed with specific focus on reliability and usability and it is able to cover the needs of all wave sailors out there. The Icon suits gusty, overpowered, choppy, sideshore and onshore conditions and it always offers a smooth glide. It is engineered using a powerful profile which generates impressive low end and offers a fast drive.

Due to this profile, the Icon has exceptional early planning potential and it runs very nice upwind. The Simmer Style Icon is not only powerful and fast. It is a maneuver oriented sail which is easy to handle and responds quickly and accurate to rider input. The Icon is the perfect choice for hardcore riders that enjoy thrilling sessions, as well as for less experienced ones that love a fun wave cruise. A solid five battens skeleton keeps the Icon very stable and assures excellent control. The compact outline allows the rider to handle it without hassle.

A great thing about the Icon is that it can be depowered during maneuvers if needed. When the sail is depowered it becomes very forgiving and it is extremely easy to handle. Simmer Style has crafted the Icon using a full X-Ply structure which makes it very light and durable. Additional Kevlar reinforcements protect critical parts of the sail against damage. The Icon is available in 3.4 up to 6.2 square meters sizes and uses an adjustable or fixed head, depending on size. It is the perfect sail for the rider that travels a lot and encounters a wide variety or wave conditions.