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Simmer Style Icon 2010

Simmer Style Icon 2010

Sail type: Wave
Brand: Simmer Style

Many riders demand reliable wave sails which can cover a wide range of conditions. This way they can ride all over the world without the need to constantly switch between various types of gear. The 2010 Simmer Style Icon is one of the best wave sail for real world wave conditions. This amazing sailing machine is able to dominate any wave without hassle. This sail is designed using a special shaping and construction technology which allows it to offer outstanding performance in sideshore, onshore, overpowered or gusty conditions. It is also perfect for performing spectacular jumps and aerial tricks or for enjoying a relaxing and smooth cruise.

The sail features a full draft profile and a moderate boom length. These features allow it to generate plenty of power and move fast across the water. They also provide top handling even in overpowered conditions. The powerful profile makes the sail very versatile when it comes to adapting it to various conditions.  The bottom end power is quite high and propels the rider upwind very easy. The rider can also depower the sail in case of emergency. The Simmer Style Icon features some versatile rigging settings. When the rider applies more outhaul, the sail delivers more power and it is snappier. When less outhaul is applied, it feels very soft and has a smoother glide.

The Simmer Style team has engineered the Icon using a medium aspect ratio which provides balanced power and top control. The horizontal and vertical shaped battens assure excellent stability and maintain an optimal sail profile. Kevlar Stretch Control tendons are used to provide controlled power delivery and improve the sail’s wind range. The Simmer Style Icon is crafted using a full X-Ply structure which makes it light and durable. It is also reinforced by a low stretch Kevlar perimeter and features a Dacron Luff panel.