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Simmer Style Icon 2011

Simmer Style Icon 2011

Sail type: Wave
Brand: Simmer Style

The 2011 series of Simmer Style sails gathers an impressive number of models. Each sail is crafted using the latest technology and the best fabrics, and intended to offer the best performance in its class. If you are looking for a versatile sail which you can use in real world wave conditions, you need to take a look at the Icon. The Icon is an all round wave sail, designed to suit multiple riding skills and conditions. The perfect mix of power delivery and maneuverability makes the Icon a bestseller. It has a full draft profile which provides plenty of power and assures excellent handling.

The Icon is able to generate plenty low end power for early planning or for power maneuvers and it also feels quite forgiving. This way it suits the aggressive riders which ride the big waves, as well as the less experienced one which enjoy a relaxing cruise. The moderate boom length makes the Simmer Style Icon very easy to handle, even in overpowered conditions. At the same time it provides extra power when needed. The upper body of the sail is much lighter due to the use of Q-Ply fabrics. This feature makes the sail very flexible and easy to adapt to various wind conditions. The rest of the body is crafted using X-Ply fabrics for an optimal weight to strength ratio. A robust Kevlar perimeter protects the Icon against damage, while a Kevlar Stretch Control Tendon assures a stable draft profile. Additional stability is added by the use of a five battens skeleton.

The powerful profile makes the Simmer Style Icon fast and dynamic. The sail is also able to offer specific performance, due to the use of multiple rigging settings. More outhaul provides extra power, while less outhaul makes it smoother and assures better maneuverability. The Icon is able to depower during maneuvers if needed. It is one of the wave sails which are able to adapt to various wave conditions and rider needs in order to offer a smooth and exciting drive.

Simmer Style Icon 2011 Average Rating: 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.
Simmer Style Icon 2011 Reviewed on Dec 20th 2011
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

The sail is very solid. It can handle all sorts of conditions. Rigging is easy and tuning range is quite wide. It has a very soft feeling as you sail with it. It planes easy and cuts through gusts with ease. It is not a powerhouse sail, but runs quit...more