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Simmer Style Icon 2012

Simmer Style Icon 2012

Sail type: Wave
Brand: Simmer Style

Simmer Style is a renowned brand in windsurfing world. Over the years, the high performance gear crafted by their team has shaped the development of this wonderful sport and the future of world class riders. The new 2012 Icon is one of the most versatile and reliable wave sails, intended to excel in real world wave conditions. It has a fuller, aerodynamic profile which generates optimal power and speed and keeps the rider comfortable while handling the rig. The full Draft and moderate boom length provide good low end and assure unmatched maneuverability in most conditions. Even when it is fully charged and runs at high speed, the Icon is easy to control and feels quite forgiving.

The upper body of the sail is much lighter and has a compact outline. This feature improves the sail’s wind range and makes it very flexible. The rider is able to control it without any hassle. The great thing about the Simmer Style Icon is that it is easy to tune in order to suit the need of the rider. Less outhaul produces a constant power, while more outhaul improves overall handling. The rider can also depower the sail whenever he wishes. When depowered, the Icon feels very forgiving and it is extremely easy to handle. The sail is kept very steady in all conditions by a solid five battens structure.

The Simmer Style Icon is fast and quite powerful, but the great thing about it is that it offers superb control and maneuverability. It provides positive feedback at any rider input. Simmer Style has engineered the Icon using a full X-Ply structure plus Q-Ply panels. The Q-Ply panels reduce overall weight and improve the reflex. Additional Dacron and Kevlar reinforcements are used in high stress areas to assure top durability. The Icon is a very reliable wave sailing machine, guaranteed to offer an exciting drive.