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Simmer Style Iron 2009

Simmer Style Iron 2009

Sail type: Wave
Brand: Simmer Style

The new wave sails introduced by Simmer Style in 2009 are crafted using the latest technology and the best fabrics. They can handle various wave conditions and offer reliable performance to all riders out there. The new Iron is a hybrid power sail which offers exceptional wave riding efficiency. It is the kind of sail which suits extreme riders that love to sail fully charged and experience a thrilling drive. At the same time, the Iron suits heavier riders that demand extra power to dominate the waves. Simmer Style has built the Iron using a powerful profile which makes it very dynamic and fast.

The sail can generate extra low end power when needed and has impressive early planning potential. It is also pretty snappy and packs plenty of pop, so the rider can perform very nice jumps and aerial tricks with ease. The compact outline makes it easy to handle during water or aerial maneuvers. The Simmer Style Iron combines extra power with a progressive twist and covers a wide wind range. Since it is so powerful, it is a perfect choice for experienced riders that have a solid set of skills. The top end power allows the rider to use the sail in various environments, while the low end power improves the early planning performance.

The sail is also very reactive and responds accurately to rider input. It is kept stable on the waves by a solid five battens skeleton. At the same time, Kevlar Stretch Control Tendons maintain a stable draft profile, assure a controlled power delivery and improve the sail’s wind range. The Iron is built using a light and durable structure and protected against damage by solid Kevlar reinforcements. It is available in 3.7 up to 6.7 square meters sizes and it uses an adjustable or fixed top, depending on size.