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Simmer Style Iron 2010

Simmer Style Iron 2010

Sail type: Wave
Brand: Simmer Style

The new 2010 series of Simmer Style sails is crafted according to the highest quality standards and intended to offer top performance. If you are a hardcore wave rider, or just a heavier rider, you need a powerful sail to offer you an exciting drive. You need the new 2010 Simmer Style Iron. The Iron provides huge power and it is able to reach incredible speeds. It also provides top control and maneuverability. The sail is not only powerful and fast, but also very dynamic. It can perform spectacular jumps and aerial tricks without being pumped too hard.

The power profile used by Simmer Style creates a constant and consistent traction force which assures a fluid and smooth drive. Each size of the Iron is individually tuned to offer a direct feel and a progressive twist.  The sail features a lower aspect ratio, defined by the longer boom and shorter mast. This way it can generate plenty of low end power and has impressive early planning and upwind potential. Symmetrical batten pockets are used to create aerodynamic symmetry on both tacks of the sails. This feature makes the sail agile and easy to control. A special batten skeleton, featuring horizontal and vertical shaped battens assure top stability and maintain an optimal draft profile.

Simmer Style has used a Dacron luff panel to make sure that the Iron offers a smooth power delivery. Special Kevlar Stretch Control Tendons provide a controlled power delivery and improve the wind range. The Simmer Style Iron features a large window which assures crystal clear visibility. The sail is built using top quality fabrics and reinforced by a robust Kevlar perimeter. This way it can handle extreme surf conditions with ease and feels very light. The Iron is available in 3.7 up to 6.7 square meters sizes and it uses a fixed or adjustable top depending on size.