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Simmer Style Mission 2009

Simmer Style Mission 2009

Sail type: Wave
Brand: Simmer Style

A new series of Simmer Style wave sails is ready to start the 2009 season in full throttle. All sails are engineered using the latest technology and the best fabrics and intended to offer top performance and quality. The 2009 Mission is one of the most reliable wave sails ever. It is crafted using a similar pattern as for the previous Mission models, but it is carefully tuned and tweaked to offer better performance. The Mission has a similar design as the Mission X, but it is engineered using a different technology.

The Mission X is crafted to handle extremely tough surf conditions and built using tough X-Ply fabrics only, while the Mission offers excellent performance in more sailing friendly conditions. The Mission is built using a Monofilm structure and features Kevlar reinforcements in critical areas. This structure makes it durable, but very light at the same time. Due to the monofilm fabrics, the sail is very responsive and feels more forgiving. The Mission has a maneuver oriented design which makes it very easy to operate. It has a direct feel and a lower twist. This way, the Mission can be easily depowered during maneuvers if needed. When depowered, the Mission is much more forgiving and easy to handle.

The sail generates plenty low end power and has excellent early planning and upwind potential. It has a smooth, but constant and consistent power delivery, so it is perfect for hardcore riders that always perform spectacular moves. A five battens skeleton keeps the sail steady on the waves, while Kevlar Stretch Control tendons provide a controlled power delivery and improve the sail’s wind range. The Simmer Style Mission is the perfect machine for the dedicated wave sailor that needs constant power and top control.