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Simmer Style Mission X 2009

Simmer Style Mission X 2009

Sail type: Wave
Brand: Simmer Style

The new series of sails introduced by Simmer Style in 2009 is intended to improve the riding experience of all sailors out there. Each sail is carefully tuned to offer the highest performance in its class. The 2009 Mission X is a powerful and reliable wave sail which can be used without worries in the most extreme surf conditions. If you want to ride in rocky areas or in reef ones, or just in other not sailing friendly areas, you need the Mission X. This sail is built to last. It is engineered using a full X-Ply body and a PVC window.

The X-Ply panels make the Mission X light and incredible tough, while the PVC widow assures a crisp feel and provides optimal visibility. The sail features a maneuver oriented profile which makes it very easy to handle at all times. A refined boom area provides optimal low end power. This way the Mission X offers impressive early planning and upwind performance. A solid five battens structure keeps the sail very steady and easy to control. Simmer Style has also used a Kevlar Stretch Control Tendons system to make sure that the sail has a controlled power delivery and can handle a wider wind range.

The Mission X has a constant and consistent power delivery which assures a very fluid drive. At the same time, the slightly compact outline makes it very easy to maneuver. The rider can perform spectacular tricks and tackle the biggest waves without worrying about losing control. If you are looking for extreme rides in extreme conditions, the Simmer Style Mission X has you covered. The sail is available in 3.0 up to 6.1 square meters sizes and it uses a fixed or adjustable top depending on size.

• Full X-Ply Body
• PVC Window
• Solid Construction
• Compact Outline

Simmer Style Mission X 2009 Average Rating: 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.
Simmer Style Mission X 2009 Reviewed on Dec 12th 2011
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

A great machine for hardcore wave sailors. It is easy to rig and handle. On the water it has a forward pulling feel and feesl light as a feather. excels at down the line wave sailing. This is one of the smoothest and softest sails I've use...more