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Simmer Style Mission X 2010

Simmer Style Mission X 2010

Sail type: Wave
Brand: Simmer Style

The 2010 Simmer Style sails are ready to offer top performance for all riders out there. Each sail is fine tuned to offer the best efficiency in its class.  The new Mission X is an incredible wave sail which can handle extreme surf conditions with ease. It is engineered to excel in side to side-offshore conditions and offers a unique blend of power and control. The Simmer Style Mission X is very reactive to pumping and it is also able to become neutral when needed. The Mission X has a high aspect ratio which generates more front-end power located higher in the sail body.

The longer mast and shorter boom lengths assure top maneuverability and make the sail easy to handle at all times. Simmer Style has used symmetric batten pockets to make sure that the sail offers aerodynamic symmetry on both sides. This way, the rider can enjoy a smooth and fluid ride and control the sail without hassle. A five battens skeleton keeps the Mission X table during maneuvers. The lower two battens have a horizontal shape, while the tree upper ones have a vertical shape. This special profile assures a constant profile and keeps the sail optimally tensioned. Special Kevlar Stretch Control Tendons are used to assure excellent durability and better control.

These tendons also increase the sail’s wind range. The Simmer Style Mission X is built to last. It is engineered using a full X-Ply body and a PVC window. The PVC ultra clear window makes the sail crisper and assures excellent visibility, while the X-Ply panels create a light and durable structure. The sail is reinforced by a low stretch Kevlar perimeter. The Mission X is available in 2.7 up to 6.1 square meters sizes and it uses a fixed or adjustable top, depending on size.