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Simmer Style SC 2008

Simmer Style SC 2008

Sail type: Race
Brand: Simmer Style

The SC is Simmer Style’s premier racing sail. It is engineered using a new technology which turns raw wind into pure speed and power. The SC is extremely fast and accurate. It is a powerful weapon which can win world class competitions when it is piloted by an experienced rider. The sail features an increased profile below the boom which generates more power and excellent stability. At the same time, the reduced luff curve above the boom creates a higher angle of attack and generates an incredible top speed.

Simmer Style has designed the SC using a deeper profile, featuring a flatter top and an active twist. This design makes the sail incredible fast and responsive. The SC has impressive early planning potential and it is able to propel the rider upwind at a very fast speed. At the same time it reacts quickly to any input and it is very easy to control. A special camber system assures a smooth rotation and improves overall handling. The great thing about the SC is that it is able to accelerate quickly and reach a fast top speed even in light winds. Kevlar Stretch Control Tendons have been used to maintain an optimal sail shape in the lower part of the body and block the power at the fifth batten. This way the Simmer Style SC is extremely steady and easy to control. This system also assures an optimal foil tension which creates a reliable and consistent power delivery. This way the rider can push the sail to get more power and reach a higher speed without hassle. Extra stability is added by the use of an eight battens skeleton.

The Simmer Style SC is crafted using a full Monofilm body, Kevlar patch reinforcements and a robust Kevlar perimeter. This construction makes it crisp, dynamic and responsive and assures an excellent strength to weight ratio. The SC is available in 5.2 up to 9.9 square meters sizes and it uses a fixed head.