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Simmer Style SC 2009

Simmer Style SC 2009


The SC is Simmer Style’s premier slalom racing sail. It is crafted using a new technology which makes it fast, powerful and accurate. The aerodynamic shape of the sail is able to turn raw wind into pure power and speed in order to help the rider win any racing competition. The increased outline in the middle and lower body of the sail produces more power and assures excellent early planning performance. At the same time, the reduced top outline also allows the lower part of the sail to produce more consistent power and also assures better handling.

The new Stretch Control system introduced by Simmer Style allows the rider to have a better control over the progressive twist and keeps a stable profile even in overpowered conditions. A special clew cutout improves handling and keeps the shape forward in order to provide better acceleration. This feature also assures a better angle of attack. The Simmer Style SC uses a high/low eyelet which allows the rider to optimize the boom angle depending on his specific needs. A four cam system provides a smooth rotation, optimal stability and improves the aerodynamic performance.

The sail is also kept very steady by a solid eight battens skeleton. Additional mini battens are used to stabilize the leech and create a neutral trailing edge. The 3 part drop shaped batten construction assures better control and improves the sail’s wind range. The increased pre twist in the in the leech provides better acceleration and top speed as well as excellent high end control. The Simmer Style SC is built using light and durable X-Ply fabrics and reinforced by a Kevlar perimeter. The SC is the ultimate slalom racing machine.

• High Attack Angle
• Increased Top End Speed
• Symmetric Batten Pockets
• Four Cams
• Increased Clew Cutout
• Stretch Control System