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Simmer Style SCR 2010

Simmer Style SCR 2010


A new series of Simmer Style racing sails is ready to revolutionize the world of windsurfing in 2010. All sails are crafted suing a new technology which makes them incredible fast, powerful and reliable. The SCR is the number one Slalom racing sail crafted by Simmer Style. It is engineered especially for experienced riders which participate in the most prestigious racing competitions. The SCR offers incredible acceleration and top speed, a high angle of attack and unmatched control. It is a powerful machine which can win any competition when it is piloted by an experienced rider.

The reduced swing weigh significantly improves handling and allows the rider to control the sail without effort. Simmer Style has implemented the innovative Kevlar Stretch Control Tendons system which maintains a stable profile even in overpowered conditions and assures optimal control of the progressive twist. The Integrated Clew cutout improves the aerodynamic performance of the sail and assures a smoother and faster glide. At the same time the Dual Clew Positions allows the rider to adapt the sail to various wind and riding conditions.

A solid eight battens skeleton keeps the SCR incredible stable at all times. The three piece tapered batten maintains an optimal sail profile and assures maximum sail durability. Fiberglass rod and tube battens plus full carbon tube battens provide variable, medium and increased stiffness in the sail’s main areas to improve overall performance. The progressive batten angle adds extra stability and assures a progressive twist. The Simmer Style SCR uses four cambers which assure a smooth rotation and excellent profile stability. The cambers also provide unmatched control at high speed. The sail is crafted using top quality X-ply fabrics and features solid reinforcements in critical areas.