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Simmer Style SCR 2011

Simmer Style SCR 2011


The new 2011 SCR is Simmer Style’s premier racing sail. It is engineered using a special shaping and construction technology which makes it one of the fastest and most versatile competition level racing sail in the world. The SCR uses a new aerodynamic profile which is able to turn any wind breath into pure speed and power. The SCR is perfect for pro and experienced riders that aim to win some of the most prestigious PWA events. Simmer Style has engineered the SCR using a lightweight and solid structure which is able to generate extreme speed and top control.

The upper part of the sail is built using Q-Ply fabrics. This structure makes the sail flexible and allows it to handle various wind conditions with ease. The lower body is built from X-Ply and makes the sail very durable. A large window assures optimal visibility on the water. The entire structure is protected by a rigid Kevlar perimeter. A solid battens skeleton keeps the SCR extremely stable. The thinner battens and batten pockets define a forward draft profile which provides excellent low end power and blistering acceleration. A Kevlar Stretch Control tendon creates a deeper sail profile in the lower body in order to keep the draft stable.

The Simmer Style SCR generates a progressive twist and better pumping performance. When fully charged it reaches an incredible speed and it is easy to control. Overall control is also improved by the use of a 2 part drop shaped batten construction. The SCR has a reduced swing weight, therefore it is very easy to handle and very responsive. It also allows the rider to tackle the waves at a higher angle of attack. The Simmer Style SCR is the perfect choice for competitive riders that are looking for reliable racing performance.