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Simmer Style SCS 2010

Simmer Style SCS 2010

Sail type: Race, Slalom
Brand: Simmer Style

Simmer Style intends to redefine the world of casual and competition racing in 2010. All the racing sails crafted by Simmer are built using a new shaping and construction technology which makes them incredible fast and accurate. The SCS is one of the most reliable and versatile slalom sails available today. Although it offers extreme performance, the SCS seems to be much more user friendly that other classic slalom sails. Riding the SCS is just piloting a street race car. The sail feels powerful and fast, but it is easy to operate and very reactive.

The SCS is also easy to rig, derig and tune. It has a three cam design which improves rotation performance and provides a locked low center of effort. This way the rider can experience a fast glide and control the sail without effort. This feature also makes the SCS comfortable to ride for longer periods of time. An increased pre-twist in the leech provides a better acceleration, a higher top speed and better control at top end. The increased clew cutout combined with the shorter boom assures optimal rig stability and defines a forward shape when the sail is powered up. The Simmer Style SCS feels very steady due to the use of a seven battens skeleton. The battens are horizontally shaped and define a full cambered profile in order to provide excellent power and speed.

The sail offers impressive early planning and upwind performance. The sail has a low aspect ratio which significantly improves its racing performance. A Dacron luff panel is used to assure a smooth power delivery. Simmer Style has used symmetrical batten pockets which create symmetry on both tacks of the sail to assure a very fluid glide. The Simmer Style SCS is crafted using lightweight and durable fabrics which make it reactive and fast. Several Kevlar reinforcements protect it against damage.