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Simmer Style Smoothie 2010

Simmer Style Smoothie 2010


In order to become future champs and pro riders beginner and novice windsurfing enthusiasts need to train a lot. They need special gear which can help them pick up the basics of windsurfing safe, fast and easy and then progress without hassle. The Simmer Style team makes the road to becoming a future champ easier for them with the release of the new Smoothie sail. The smoothie is the perfect sail for windsurfing schools and resorts, as well as for those riders that want to train by themselves. It has an incredible light structure and an aerodynamic profile which makes it easy to use even in marginal wind conditions. The Smoothie is very forgiving and even in overpowered conditions it does not become aggressive.

The optimal foil tension provides a smooth and controllable power delivery. At the same time the compact outline makes the Smoothie very easy to handle at all times. The sail is also a great choice for kids and lighter riders. It feels very comfortable during the drive and it responds quickly and accurate to rider input. A solid four battens skeleton keeps the sail incredible stable at all times. The Simmer Style team has engineered the Smoothie using a full Dacron body and a PVC window.

The Dacron panels make the sail very light and durable, while the PVC window makes it crisper and assures exceptional visibility. Due to this tough, yet light construction, the Smoothie can handle all possible punishment without suffering any damage. The Simmer Style Smoothie is the perfect entry level sails for all beginner riders, regardless of age and gender. Using this sail anyone can pick up the basics of windsurfing quickly and progress fast.